Supervision Training Services CEO

 Barbara Matheson. HACA, FCV, COS, AAOS, AAPi

 Barbara Matheson is the owner of Supervision Training Services known as (STS) who has designed the STEPPING UP model of Supervision Training that is recognised professional training. She delivers the STEPPING UP model in Melbourne & Adelaide and she has been delivering supervision training since 2014, training several hundred supervisors during this time.  STS has consultants delivering all over Australia. Barbara is a registered member of the ACA College of Supervisors,  Honorary member of Australian Counselling Association and a Fellow of Counsellors Victoria. As the Immediate Past President of Counsellors Victoria (FVC) Barbara has a good depth and breadth of counselling, the counselling industry and all its attendant issues. Barbara and STS's  team of Consulants have been delivering supervision training for over 15 years. Barbara has a successful practice and has many supervise's and has supervision groups in several localities.

If you would like to contact us, please Email Barbara o[email protected]  or check the About Us page for consultants in other states profiles.