Australian Counselling Association & Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia Approved Supervision Training

"STEPPING UP" model of Supervision training is Suitable for:

  • Experienced Counsellors and Psychotherapists wanting to expand their skills and understanding to provide Professional Supervision in their practice skills.
  • Counsellors, psychotherapists and social workers irrespective of experience, wanting to gain more insight into the responsibilities of both the Supervisee and what they should expect from their respective Supervisors.
  • As a foundation to Professional and Clinical Supervision in the Allied Health and all practices of a similar nature whose members subscribe to a reputable Professional Organisation with a conditional component requiring Supervision.


  • Conducted as a 3 day, interactive total package following a pre-course reading and questionnaire.
  • Specific training and a deeper understanding of Professional Supervision for clinical practices.
  • Understanding the rights and responsibilities of both the Supervisee and Supervisor.
  • Up-skilling to better carry out Professional Supervision of your team or individuals..
  • This course meets the ACA Supervisor Registration training criteria plus several other assocations 
  •  Study workbook manuals and the Assessment for supervisors "Stepping Up' tool all included in the investment.
  • ACA recognised for 10 OPD Points + 6 hours of Professional Supervision.

The Certificate of Attainment in Individual and Group Professional Clinical Supervision is made up of three elements of training:.       

  1. 3-day face to face classroom work,interactive group work.
  2. individual Supervision practice, and
  3. A  formal assessment process that involves;
    1. Delivering an actual 60-minute Supervision session.  
    2. Critiquing a Supervision session.
    3. Being a Supervisee in a Supervision session.

Note: Formal assessments are conducted in real-time, face to face in front of a registered and qualified Supervison Trainng Services Assessor. Role-plays are not allowed.

  • Full fee $990 per person.

  • PACFA members only..refer to PACFA page for more details 

 STS's Presenters and Assessors & Administration staff 

  • Barbara Matheson  Honorary member of ACA, Fellow of Counsellors Victoria, Member of ACA College of Supervisors.   
  • Lyndall Briggs Sydney Consultant is the President of  ACHA Registered Professional Hypnotherapist & Supervisor plus a member of ACA College of Supervisors, Trainer and Assessor.
  • Cindy Cranswick Greater Perth Area  registered Psychotherapist, Coach and a clinical member of the ACA College of Supervisors.
  • Tracey Fox Adelaide Assistant  Member of the ACA College of Supervisors.
  • Suzanne Bocking Townsville& , North Queensland consultant, Member of ACA College of supervisors
  • Adrian Nyhuis Tasmania registered supervisor with CCA, PACFA

Why choose SUPERVISION TRAINING SERVICES? We deliver quality workshops and strategies based on experience gained first hand from your real world. Working as a health professional has the potential to be extremely rewarding both professional and personally, but without the right advice you run the risk of encountering numerous challenges along the way.

Whether you are a student, new business owner or a private practitioner looking for information on how to grow your own practice.

Our workshops are Australian Counselling Association approved and recognised by Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, Australian Hypnotherapist Association and the Australian Clinical Hypnotherapist Association, Australian Community workers Association , International Institute of Complementary Therapists and clinical Hypnosis Australia .  

Supervision Training services workshops are suitable for those looking for registration as Professional Supervisors.

  1. Mental Health practitioners in private practice.
  2. Qualified individuals looking to advance experience.
  3. Students undertaking courses in Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Social work, Psychology, Massage, Naturopathy or alternative medicine.

Your Success is our Success.

The staff at Supervision Training Services are registered Supervisors, they are experienced Public Speakers and Educators.

Benefits of Moving Forward with us.

Whatever your career or personal aspirations are, you can grow and meet your potential face-to-face, moving forward is exactly what we are about and when you team with our educators,we guarantee to walk beside you and be with you as you meet your challenges head on.

STEPPING UP model of supervision training will enable the graduate to:

  • Define the role of a Clinical Supervisor
  • Identify the goals of supervision.
  • Describe the supervisory relationship.
  • Demonstrate the skills required for conducting diverse supervision interventions.
  • Provide effective evaluation.
  • Have knowledge of the different models of supervision.
  • Present effectual feedback to supervisees
  • Successfully undertake a variety of supervisor administration tasks
  • Address the ethical and legal considerations of supervision
  • Understand Best Practice in Supervision
  • Many other aspects of supervision boundaries
  • Ethics in supervision
  • Skills to structure supervision sessions 
  • Ability to facilitate the supervisee to present information about his/her clinical work. 
  • To facilitate the supervisee to reflect on his/her work and on the process of supervision 
  • To help the supervisee practice specific clinical skills 
  • Ability to conduct supervision across a variety of formats such as direct observation and web-based technologies. 
  • Ability to conduct supervision across the variety of client presentations such as individuals, couples, family, and group. 
  • Ability to adapt supervision to the organisational and governance context 
  • Ability to form and maintain a supervisory alliance. 
  • Ability to detect and support personal and professional issues which could impact on the supervisee’s capacities 
  • Ability of the supervisor to reflect and act on limitations in one’s own knowledge and experience 
  • Profile Personalitie.s

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To apply for localities in rural Victoria, Melbourne CBD contact Barbara Matheson Email: [email protected]

To apply for the Sydney training info Lyndal Briggs Email: [email protected]  

To apply for the Western Australia training info Cindy Cranswick Email: [email protected]

to apply  for Brisbane Townsville Cairns info Suzanne Bocking Email [email protected]

To apply for Tasmania info Adrain Nyhuis [email protected]

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