STS Supervision Zoom Groups

STS Supervision Groups for 2024 ;will be held monthly in the first 2 weeks of each month, starting in February Expression of interest ;taken now.

Email direct to Supervisors or text;or ring 0412 977 553 to register the day and time you are interested in.Thank you.

 Tim Connelly ACA No. 4772. First Monday of each month,10 am to 12 pm Email [email protected] $50

Dr Tom Edwards ACA No.9023 First;Wednesday each month, 7pm to; 9pm .Email [email protected] $50

Heather Bunting ACA No.1020;PACFA No.22302 First;Sunday of each month;10.30-12.30 or second;Monday 7pm-9 pm .Email [email protected] cost $55

Barbara Matheson;ACA 3806 First Monday month;6.30 ;pm to 8.30pm. Email [email protected];$50

Barbara Matheson First Tuesday Month 6.30 pm to 8.30pm.; Email: [email protected] ;$50

p>Barbara Matheson First Wednesday month 6.30 pm ;to 8.30 pm. supervisors only Email [email protected]; $50

Barbara Matheson First Thursdy month 7 pm;to 9 pm. Email:[email protected]">[email protected];$50

Barbara Matheson First Friday Month 10 am to 12 pm"Email::[email protected];$50

Barbara MathesonFirst Saturday Month 1pm to 3 pm. Supervisors "Email::[email protected] ;$50

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Data Sharing: We don’t share personal data with any other parties unless subpoenaed by an Australian court of Law. 

For a copy of STS Complaints Policy and Procedural Guidelines or STS Code Of Ethics and Practice Email: [email protected]