Testimonials 2016 - 2018

November 2016 Melbourne - Supervision Training

  1. What a life changing weekend! So much solidified and so much food for thought!
  2. I am excited for the future after some work on self care. god bless you. Awesome workshop I have learned so much and feel much more confident, I will certainly tell my friends to do this training
  3. Thank you so much, I felt that this training was invaluable and feel far more confident in my role.
  4. Good course for going over your own supervision style & a very reflective confronting course. supported group and very supportive presenter
  5. Such an amazing course! life changing-confident building, would recommend this course to my friends
  6. Fantastic weekend! To spend 3 days with people of like mind was fabulous. Lots of laughter, sharing and sometimes tears. Hope to keep in touch with you all.

March 2017 Melbourne - Supervision Training

  1. I surprised myself to understand the knowledge I had in supervision,it was due to the training Barbara facilitated .Thank you..
  2. Personally very encouraging I feel more competent and confident in going forward as professional supervisor.
  3. Barbara was a warm and engaging teacher who was well structured and organised inter approach. Thank you for a very educational training, I enjoyed it very much

June 2017 Melbourne - Supervision Training

  1. Thanks for all your wonderful support and guidance for eliciting the confidence i now have to become a competent supervisor. best wishes to you.  Long shall i remember your words of wisdom. you touched the lives of each if us via the valuable work you do, thank you. Jeff P.

August 2018 Adelaide - Supervision Training

  1. I am so excited to go forward as a supervisor thanks to the great knowledge that STS staff gave me
  2. Thank you a very enjoyable weekend and fantastic new skills i am rearing to start my new journey as supervisor